Advocacy has some successes… meat plant workers to receive vaccine priority

At its core, advocacy is about getting people to think a certain way; or to change the way they think about certain things.

Every day, our union tries to get government, employers, and the privileged and powerful to recognize and act on the needs of workers. Sometimes advocacy is a complete success. Sometimes it’s a partial success. But our job is to never stop.

Your union has advocated relentlessly for those who work in meat processing plants across Alberta. We’ve done everything in our power to ensure food processing workers aren’t invisible and that their needs and contributions are recognized.

As part of that work, we’ve been in conversations with, and in some cases pushing, Alberta Health Services officials for months to get them to think in new ways about protecting food processing workers in Alberta.

Today, Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced that meat processing workers would receive the same priority in accessing vaccines that Alberta’s doctors will. If you click the link below, you will see that workers at meatpacking plants are part of Phase 2C in vaccination distribution in Alberta, starting as early as April 2021.

This is a meaningful victory. But our advocacy is never done.

Your union continues to advocate for the needs and contributions of our other members as well. From grocery stores to hotels to oil sands camps in the north, we believe that our members should get early access to safe vaccines if they want them.

Remember: your union’s view reflects the view of our members.

Vaccination should be the choice of the worker. It cannot be a condition of employment.

But safe vaccinations should be made available as early as possible for our members who cannot work from home and who take risks every day so that society can function. And your union won’t stop fighting on your behalf to make that happen.

Help us with that fight by contacting your MLA to demand your industry is given priority access to safe vaccination. Click here to find your Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Click here to see a Global News article on Dr. Hinshaw’s announcement about Phase 2C vaccinations.

Click here to see the Government of Alberta’s vaccination rollout schedule (scroll to Phase 2C to see the inclusion of meatpacking plant workers).