ATHABASCA LODGE: still moving forward with temporary opening

The most recent news on the Athabasca lodge to date is that they are still in the process of accommodating a shut down for Shell. This is being viewed by Civeo as a 6-8 week project as a maximum. Concerns came from UFCW 401 in regards to the time lines of projected employees needed compared to time lines of current recall rights. In short Civeo would be posting and hiring positions in April shortly after the recalls expired.

A Meeting was held with our president Doug O’Halloran, director of Northern operations Chris O’Halloran and the Heads of Civeo to try and extend the recall rights for the employees currently laid off from Athabasca. With the requests of too many concessions to our members and Union from the company put forward, it was impossible to UFCW 401 to agree to the terms.

The result is that postings have gone up at current sites as well as Civeo’s Website requesting applicants for job postings. Although currently recalls are still occurring, the concerns of how many will have their recall rights expired is an unescapable reality. With this new in hand, as always you’re Union is requesting all laid off employees to apply to any and all positons being posted. The Sad reality to this is that after the recall rights expire the company is left with the ability to select the employees for the positions that are posted, we can only hope the people selected would be from the list of members that have lost their employment from the layoffs who are still waiting and hoping to return to their site. Short term or Not.

Any further information will be updated and provided on our website, please keep checking for new information in the weeks to come.