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Congratulations! I Have A Chance Support Services join 401!!

UFCW Canada Local 401 is proud to welcome our newest members at I Have A Chance Support Services LTD (IHAC).

We are now home to 135 new members, as the members at IHAC overwhelmingly voted 96% in favour of joining UFCW Local 401!

 “It has been very inspiring to see such a passionate group of people gather and exercise their right to unionize,” commented UFCW National Organizer Jason Parrell. “Our collective voices will bring positive change to the workplace. I can’t wait to see what great things our new IHAC Members will achieve in the days and years to come.” 

The July 19th, 2021 victory is a testament to our newest members’ incredible perseverance, and determination from I Have A Chance Support Services. The members prevailed through a challenging process. They held firm and showed tremendous solidarity to build fairness in their work. 

With the union’s power behind them, the members have strengthened their voice and ability to improve their working conditions and personal and family well-being.  

Community-support workers and Behavioral-support workers, Health-Care Aids, a day options program and casual workers work in over 20 different residences amidst very challenging working conditions. The workers at IHAC play a vital role in our society. 

UFCW Local 401 is looking forward to working with its newest members and the management at IHAC to form a new collective agreement. Members at IHAC are looking for specific changes in the workplace, and the Union will negotiate with management to get these reforms.