Scholarship presentation

Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Education Scholarship: Congratulations, Maheen!

It’s with pride and delight that we congratulate Maheen Javed-Nasir on winning UFCW’s Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Education Scholarship

As Local 401 provides leadership for its members through hard times, we also make a point of celebrating moments of joy and achievement. President Hesse was pleased to meet with our member, Javed Nasir, and to present him and his daughter with this scholarship. 

As a progressive movement concerned with our environment and our planet’s future, UFCW supports fields of education that study the Earth’s biodiversity and how to preserve species and their habitats. As such, President Hesse and our union are thrilled to help Maheen embark on the first year of her studies in Conservation Biology. 

We ask our members to join us in extending our compliments on this achievement and our best wishes for continued success to Javed, Maheen and their family. Visit this link to learn more about our various scholarships.