Decision on FLOW Program

We have recently reached a monetary settlement with Superstore on the issue of the FLOW program. This follows a case we brought to the Alberta Labour Relations Board that was decided in our favour.

FLOW was an operational program that Superstore introduced unilaterally. It came in without our consent in the summer of 2012. The program affected the terms of employment for hundreds of current and former Superstore workers at numerous stores across the from the province, from Grocery and General Merchandise departments.

As a result of this decision, current and former Superstore workers who were directly affected by FLOW, and who were employed with the Company prior July 29, 2012, may be entitled to monetary compensation under the settlement.

Please carefully read the notice below and follow the reporting instructions listed if you think that you might be affected. PLEASE NOTE THAT CLAIMS ARE TIME SENSITIVE AND MUST BE REPORTED IN WRITING BY JUNE 7, 2019.



Colleagues Hired Prior to July 29, 2012

(Leisure, Home, Electronics, Beauty, Health, Toiletries, Grocery, or CAO)

Recently, the Alberta Labour Relations Board rendered a decision regarding complaints previously filed by the Union against the Company specific to the implementation of the FLOW program in July of 2012 through March 2013. A copy of the decision can be found on the Board’s website or from the Union Office.

The Board has directed the Company to address the impact the FLOW program had on employees directly affected by it. As a result of the Board’s Decision, the Company and the Union have reached an agreement as to how to proceed with determining damage claims for employees.

Employees who resigned during their probationary period were dismissed or deemed “not up to standard” at any time during their employment, or employees who accepted a voluntary buyout are not eligible to make a claim.

You may have a claim for damages and/or loss of income if you were hired prior to July 29, 2012, and worked in departments affected by FLOW (Leisure, Home, Electronics, Beauty, Health, Toiletries, Grocery, or CAO) and were directly and demonstrably impacted by reduced average scheduled hours based on the 4 weeks preceding conversion (change in guarantee, change in shift, or change in declaration of availability) because of FLOW up to the first 9 weeks following the store-specific date of FLOW conversion OR you resigned as a direct result of FLOW within 28 days of the store specific conversion date.

If you believe you fall within the group above, you must contact the Union in writing immediately but no later than June 7, 2019, and provide them notice of your potential claim with all particulars and supporting documents. If not provided by this date your claim will be extinguished. If you do not receive confirmation from the Union that they received your claim, contact the Union again. You will need to provide all the details as to how you were affected. You will also need to ensure the Union has current contact information for you throughout this process.

The Union and Company will investigate your claim and determine whether you have a valid claim for damages and/or loss of income. If the Union and the Company cannot agree claims will be determined by the Board.

Submit Notice of Potential Claim Form to:

Jeff Ible – Union Representative

#100, 46 Hopewell Way NE, Calgary, AB

Phone: (403) 291‐1047 ext.: 1117 Fax: (403) 250‐3412

If you are not in Calgary you can call your local office and they will connect you or call 1‐800‐252‐7975.