Eid Mubarak!

During the month of Ramadan, our local union has celebrated the diverse experiences and insights of our members and wished a hearty “Ramadan Mubarak!” to our observing Muslim members in particular.

That holy month of fasting and prayer, reflection and community culminates on April 10, 2024 with the vibrant celebration of Eid al-Fitr, the three-day festival of breaking the fast.

After a month of fasting from dawn until sunset, Eid begins with early morning communal prayer. That prayer is typically followed by numerous festivities, especially visits and gatherings with friends and family and visits at the graves of relatives.

Smart new clothes, gift-giving and delicious feasts are a central part of these celebrations, and it’s sometimes called the Sweet Eid due to the many kinds of sweet treats it features in various parts of the world.

Eid al-Fitr is one of two canonical eids on the Islamic calendar (the other being Eid al-Adha). It’s a time of joy and blessing for the entire community, a time for charity and giving to those less fortunate, and for reflecting on Allah’s gifts of strength and endurance to the faithful.

UFCW Local 401 is proud to wish a happy and blessed Eid to all of our Muslim members and their families, friends and loved ones. Eid Mubarak!