Local 401 is Already Fighting for Fairness!

On August 14, 2019 Local 401 attended the Labour Relations Board to deal with matters surrounding the vote for Friday and the conduct of CLAC and their representatives.

People Are Getting Tired of Seeing CLAC!

As you are aware, CLAC representatives are visiting the Maple Leaf Poultry plant ever single day intimidating and misrepresenting to employees about a number of topics. At our very successful solidarity BBQ that happened last week, employees asked why Local 401 was not in the lunch room talking to employees like CLAC representatives were. Unfortunately, it is not that easy, Maple Leaf owns the property and UFCW needs permission for that.

In the union contract with Maple Leaf, even CLAC representatives need written permission to access the building for as much as they have. Local 401 was interested in the same access, so we requested on numerous occasions to have access to the employees at the workplace. Those requests were deniedor ignored by the company each and every time.

On August 8, 2019, Maple Leaf posted a letter to all employees stating that “The Company remains neutral on this matter and will respect your decision.” As nice as that comment sounds, their tone today at the Labour Board was much different. Maple Leaf’s lawyers stated today that they have granted the access to CLAC representatives over the campaign period. When you give one union more access than the other, it doesn’t sound too neutral…

Maple Leaf Wants to Choose Your Union

Maple Leaf’s lawyers didn’t end there, they stated that Maple Leaf Foods has “the right to support one union over the other.” Our question is why would an employer want to pick one union over the other? Why does Maple Leaf Foods care which union represents you? The real question is what does Maple Leaf Foods have to gain by keeping CLAC? A number of employees remember the drastic negative changes that happened when CLAC first came to Maple Leaf Foods.

The good news is the decision is not up to the Company! The decision is only yours! The vote that is taking place is a secret ballot vote and every employee on the voters list is entitled to vote. Your bosses do not get a vote and neither does CLAC!

Employees Are Excited for UFCW 401!

UFCW 401 organizers have been hearing so much excitement from the employees at Maple Leaf. Employees are looking for better representation, better negotiations, and better protection for the workers of Maple Leaf. Ultimately employees are excited for better!

As the UFCW 401 representatives don’t have access to the workplace, you will be contacted by email, text message, and with individual meetings.

Yes we want better | Si Se Puede | Sama Sama Kayang Kaya

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