Find Your Union Contract Online

Here at UFCW 401 we are always looking for convenient and innovative ways to ensure members are getting information that is important to them. In keeping with this, we want members to know about an exciting new way to view their Collective Agreement (Union Contract).

One Collective Agreement at a time, we are updating your union’s website ( so that you can view your contract online in an easy to navigate document. This way, when you need to know your workplace rights, you can find them quickly and easily. 

Check out how this feature works by watching the video below

You can search the website by typing the name of your workplace in the search bar as shown below.

Once your Collective Agreement is loaded onto the website, you’ll be able to access information about your rights, compensation, and benefits information from any device that has internet access.

This process takes some time so, please note that your contract may not yet be on the website. Rest assured, however, we are working diligently to get them all posted and will also be updated as new Agreements are ratified. We appreciate your patience as we get these contracts on the website and we will advise you by email once they are available for your workplace.

In order to ensure you’re receiving the latest, up to date information, including the notification that your Union Contract is now online, please ensure that we have your contact information, including your email address and cell phone number. You can update your information by clicking HERE

In solidarity,

UFCW Local 401