Girl Who Lost Family in Fire Has One Wish: Christmas Cards

Dear Union Members,

We are asking for your help this holiday season to fulfill the wish of a little girl who was the sole survivor of a fire caused by arson in 2013. Safyre Terry, who is now 8-years old and from New York, hopes to receive Christmas cards from around the world for her one wish this year!

Safyre lost her family in a fire that was intentionally set in 2013. She lost her father and three younger siblings in the fatal fire. The little girl was found in the debris next to her father, who saved her life by using his body to protect her from the deadly flames. Safyre suffered severe burns in the fire, and in the following months, she lost her right hand and left foot.

Safyre is a brave little girl and she has one simple Christmas wish we could all help make true! Let’s make sure Santa has plenty of Christmas cards to deliver to Safyre this year from her many new friends in Alberta!

Safyre now lives with her aunt, Liz. The little one is excited to hang her Christmas cards on the tree her aunt got for her this year. Would you like to help make Safyre’s Christmas wish come true?

You can send your cards to:

Safyre, P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306 USA

Safyre Terry NY