Have Your Say in the Workplace Legislation Review!

The Alberta NDP are seeking your input and you cannot afford to miss out on this chance to have your say!

Here are some critical points for you to consider when providing your input into this important and long overdue review process:

  • Workers in Alberta deserve better laws to protect them at the negotiating table and in the workplace.  Let your government know that you would like to see some change to Alberta’s Labour Code so that hard won wages and benefits are not eroded by powerful corporations who have the money and resources to demand concessions from employees and their unions.
  • Albertans need to have binding arbitrated settlements for first contracts and during labour disputes that last for 60 days or more. Too often companies have made their employees and their unions suffer only to settle for little more than what had been offered in the first place, knowing there is no enforceable mechanism in Alberta for peaceful resolutions.
  • Albertans need to have laws that prevent companies from closing down and re-opening under a different name or banner to avoid paying union wages and benefits.
  • Workers in Alberta deserve to have the ability to join a union without fear of reprisal from their employer, maintaining their anonymity through a card check system.
  • Workers in Alberta deserve to have the ability to withdraw their labour from their employer legally without the fear of someone being hired to take their job while they fight to better their lives for their family and future.  This will be imminently important for the thousands of 401 & 1118 members facing difficult negotiations with their employer, Sobeys.

Please make sure that your voice is heard and progressive changes are made to the Alberta Labour Code.

From the Alberta Labour Relations Board website:


The Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code came into effect in 1988.

The Employment Standards Code and Regulation establish the minimum standards for all employment relationships under provincial jurisdiction and apply to the majority of workers in Alberta. This Code provides working Albertans with rights and protections through standards on hours of work, overtime, general holidays, special leaves, vacation and more.

The Labour Relations Code is the main piece of legislation that applies to union-management relationships.

Why is a review needed?

Alberta has some of the oldest workplace legislation in Canada. Both the Employment Standards and Labour Relations Codeshave not been significantly updated in almost 30 years. The nature of work and family life has changed a lot since then.

A review is needed to ensure Alberta has fair, modern and family-friendly workplaces that support a growing economy. Albertans should be able to go to work and contribute to our economy while still being able to care for themselves and their families.

What will the review cover?

This review will cover workplace legislation that governs the minimum standards for employers and the collective bargaining system.

The survey on employment standards will seek feedback on the following topics:

  • Maternity, parental and compassionate care leaves
  • Introducing leave for the care of critically ill children
  • Other job-protected leaves in relation to the federal Employment Insurance program
  • Improving enforcement and administration

On labour relations, the review will focus on mainstreaming the Labour Relations Code, which may include collective bargaining processes and rules, and the functions of the Labour Relations Board. Learn more about the labour relations review.

How can I participate?

We want to hear from Albertans about how we can improve our workplace rules to make life better for everyone. Share your ideas by completing the online survey on employment standards. You can also send in your comments.

Feedback will be accepted until April 18, 2017.


Provide your feedback by completing the online survey below.

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Written Submissions

Additional feedback on employment standards and labour relations can also be submitted to:

Workplace Legislation Feedback
c/o Workplace Policy and Legislation
Alberta Labour
7th Floor, 10808–99 Avenue
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