IBEW Local 424 – Stop Double-Breasting lobby

Our allies at IBEW Local 424, are vigorously lobbying for Labour Code changes in regards to Double Breasting. As the Alberta Labour Code is written right now, companies that are unionized are able to take the same organization, same personnel, and same equipment and divide itself into two companies. One to employ workers under terms of a contract voluntarily negotiated and signed; the other company providing a way to completely disregard that contract.

This has effectively lowered union density in the construction industry from 75% to 10% that it is at today. If it is not dealt with in construction it can and will spread into other industries as a way to effectively lower union market share.

This also affects UFCW in it’s ability to bargain as Safeway/Sobeys similarly creates a double-breasting situation.

The province needs better laws when it comes to successorship and common employer to have meaningful labour reform. We ask you for support by going to the website linked below and using their easy to use tool that’s  setup to email your MLA and the premiers office to ask that changes be made to the Alberta Labour code to ban this unfair labour practice.