Kamaljit Samra Memorial Picture

In Memory of Kamaljit Samra 

(1567 – Natural Value Department)

On my first visit to the store as the ‘new’ ULRO (Union Labour Relations Officer), I was eager to connect with as many members as possible, walking from department to department and aisle to aisle. I walked to the Natural Values area from the Salad Bar to meet a member with an all-inviting face. The smile, gentle tone of her voice, and respect she showed me would live with me for a long time.

I asked her name; “I am Kamaljit,” she replied. I jokingly told her that I serviced three Superstores, each with members with the same name and asked her, “What’s your last name?”. “Samra,” she said with the biggest smile. That was when I said that we had a connection. She’s Samra, and I’m Sam, and I told her that I would not forget her name and that anytime I came around, I would go and look for her. 

That was the beginning of a treasured professional relationship between us. As mentioned earlier, Samra’s respect, smile and tone of voice were beyond description. We were very comfortable with each other within a short time, so much so that we started talking about our families. She spoke passionately about her daughters, and I saw her eyes light up as she spoke of them. I looked into her eyes, and all I could think was, “What a person! What a mother! Her daughters must be proud of her.” 

Unsurprisingly, during the funeral, one of her daughters delivered a heartfelt speech about the love they would deeply miss, the nurturing mother who had departed prematurely, and the cherished grandmother whose absence would be profoundly felt. Her words moved many, causing them to wipe away tears – a testament to her impact on everyone she met.

The family, friends, colleagues, co-workers and the Local will miss this precious person.

May her soul rest in peace!

Sam Nuako 
Union Labour Relations Officer
UFCW Local 401