Int’l Migrants Day Celebration at Superstore

401 members from Edmonton’s Calgary Trail Superstore held their first ever International Migrants Day celebration and it was enjoyed by all.

Union Representative Sam and the Store Manager Don worked together to find a time that worked best for all involved and worked toward the goal of engaging as many people as possible within the store. After all, when we sit together, break bread together, and talk together, great things can be achieved!

The theme for this year’s celebration was “One Home”.

“We as immigrants came on different boats under different circumstances, we  are here in one country, Canada, which we call home; so welcome home!”, Sam offered.

Talking to attendees, Sam went on to speak about a few of the reasons why people leave their countries of origin to come to Canada:

1. International wars/conflicts
2. Civil wars
3. Persecutions
4. Natural disasters – tornadoes, famine, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.
5. Economic

“The benefits that migration brings to host countries”, he says, “outweighs the challenges and that is why employers like Loblaw employ people of diverse backgrounds – so our place of work is also our home and we celebrate that.”

Sam thanked Don and his superiors for co-hosting this event and took the opportunity to introduce the UFCW 401/RCSS 1570 Diversity Committee that is set to take off in January 2019.

401’s own graphic designer, Cori, was also in attendance with Sam helping to record the first event of its kind.

“It was an inspiring event and the people in attendance remind me of all the great things that come out of member engagement and celebrating diversity in all its forms,” she said.