Local 401 Pushes for Truth from Sobeys

On Monday of this week, UFCW Local 401 chief negotiator and Executive Director of Labour Relations, Tom Hesse, sent a letter to Sobeys Alberta. That letter is a formal demand.

In consultation with our members, Secretary-Treasurer Theresa McLaren, and President Douglas O’Halloran, we have worked to develop a demand for truth from Sobeys. Many believe that Sobeys doesn’t know what they’re doing and will be unable to describe plans that they don’t really have and that are constantly changing.

But we have trouble accepting that a multi-billion-dollar corporation has not formulated an approach to make their employees pay for their own mistakes.

We are sick and tired, as we know you are, of the company’s secretive culture. If forthcoming bargaining is to be productive, we believe it is time to be candid and honest.

Please read the letter and know that we are not sitting quietly and will not let Sobeys bully its way through the Alberta Safeway stores.

– Your Bargaining Committee

  Read the Union's Letter to Sobeys Director of Labour Relations Here