Marmot Basin Ski Patrol workers win groundbreaking first contract!

We’re excited to report that your union has broken new ground again by ratifying our first contract for ski hill workers in Alberta.

Our new members at Marmot Basin began to explore forming a union in their workplace at the beginning of 2023. After feeling ignored by their employer, the staff at the ski hill decided to go with Local 401 because they were most impressed with the history of our fighting union and the passion with which we represent all of our members. 

An application for a vote to join UFCW Local 401 was submitted in April of 2023. However, our union was forced to address challenges presented by the Board that held the process up for an extended period.  

Local 401 worked with legal counsel to ensure Marmot Basin workers’ voices were heard and respected. 

The strength of these workers cannot be overstated. The Ski Patrol workers held firm and pushed to join their union of choice, then continued pressing the employer to do the right thing in negotiations. The results of those efforts speak for themselves.

In addition to numerous improvements to their contract and terms of employment, Marmot Basin workers’ new contract secures a 21% wage increase over three years.

Your union will continue fighting to Stop the Squeeze with employers across the province as we all act to address the affordability crisis and build better workplaces and a better world.