More 401 Member Contest Winners

Local 401 is constantly looking for ways to ensure every last one of the amazing members are connected to their union.  There are seemingly limitless opportunities for members to get involved in their union and we are always working toward making sure we have the latest contact information in order to assist with that.

In this spirit, Union Representatives across the province are having much success with their “Stay Connected Stay Informed” contest.  All members have to do is supply us with their contact information and they’re entered to win Visa gift cards.

Some of our more recent winners are members of UFCW 401 Calgary Rep David Smith.

We send out congratulations to longtime 401 member, Shop Steward, and former bargaining committee member Liz Visser who was the lucky winner of a $25 Visa gift card from the McKenzie Safeway store.

Everyone ‎at all three of David’s Safeway stores are still eligible for the grand prize draw of $100 and additional prizes of Local 401 jackets and a lunch cooler.

Additionally, David also held the same contest at Trophy Foods and the lucky winner of a $50 Visa gift card was Rebecca Wodermariam.  She has worked at Trophy Foods since June of 2001 as a Production Clerk and was one of about 80 people who threw their name in the hat for a chance to win AND stay connected.

Remember, staying connected with your union begins with keeping your local union office updated with your most recent contact information.  We want to hear from you and we want to keep you informed on the latest union news affecting you.  Standing together we are stronger!