More Superstore Winners in the Stay Connected Contest

One of our more recent Stay Connect Stay Informed contests took place in two of our Edmonton Superstores.

The Calgary Trail store (1570) had incredible participation.  This was largely due to Shop Steward extraordinaire Sue Horvat.  Within only 2 days, Sue collected more than 150 contest entries!  In all, there were nearly 200 people at 1570 who were entered for a chance to win some free cash in the form of Visa Gift Cards.

The second store to participate in the fun was the South Common store (1549) and there were almost 100 entries out of that store.

All the names for both stores were entered into one group draw for a total of three Visa gift cards: two $25 gift cards and one grand prize gift card of $100.  And our winners were (drum roll please)…

Jasmeet Jaswal (1549) – $25
Zuhayra Abdullah-Nour (1570) – $25
Chaitali Patel (1570) – $100

Union Rep Sam Nuako notes that when the draws were happening at the stores, the overriding theme among the members was not only were they thrilled to be a part of this contest, but they said they definitely deserved their winnings. We couldn’t agree more!

As a very sweet side note; our grand prize winner, Chaitali, said that she was very happy to win and was going to give her $100 gift card to her mother.

Each and every day our 401 members make us proud to walk with, represent, and fight for them.  Thank you to all who participated and please remember to always keep your union up to date on your contact information.  This will ensure you keep up on the latest news affecting you and your workplace.