Now is not the time to be shy!

Local 401 sends Cargill a strong message with a show of solidarity…

President Thomas Hesse and Secretary Treasurer Richelle Stewart with a Cargill Case Ready member who just put on their hard hat sticker.

The affordability crisis is squeezing all of us.

Everywhere we go and everyone we talk to we hear the same thing — it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

As the cost of living continues to increase, working families are finding that their wages and hours aren’t keeping up.

Our union is committed to stopping that squeeze, and yesterday we took the fight to Cargill Case Ready in Calgary to support workers at that Plant who are fighting for a fair deal.

Bargaining for a new contract has been going on for over a year with the primary issues focused on wages, scheduling, and hours, similar to the priorities we have heard from other workplaces.

In December 2023, the members at Cargill Case Ready voted overwhelmingly against a mediator’s recommended settlement because their concerns were not being addressed.

As the Bargaining Committee prepares to head back to the table, we knew that it was time to send Cargill a strong message the way that only Local 401 can…

UFCW Local 401 elected leaders and staff joined the Bargaining Committee at the Plant with our digital sign, motor home, and leaflets to let Cargill Case Ready workers know we have their back. We handed out leaflets with a hard hat sticker letting the Company know that Cargill members are standing together for the deal they deserve!

It’s important to note that the Company said they did not see a problem with Cargill workers wearing the stickers on their hard hats. So Cargill Case Ready members should make sure they show their strength and solidarity by wearing their sticker!

Speaking with the Bargaining Committee in advance of leafleting, President Thomas Hesse said, “Look, this is an unprecedented time. We’re all being squeezed by the cost of living.”

“All you want is a contract that contains fair wage increases and some job security from a guarantee of hours in order to make ends meet,” added Hesse. “That is completely reasonable, and today we’re going to show your co-workers that their union has their back as we fight for what is right at Cargill.”

President Hesse and Secretary Treasurer Richelle Stewart spoke to members about bargaining and staying strong as we push Cargill to Stop the Squeeze and give workers the hours they need to make ends meet. 

“All over the province, our members are hurting,” said Secretary Treasurer Stewart. “Now is not the time to be shy. Our union is going to keep fighting to stop the squeeze we’re all feeling and make life more affordable for working people!”

Your union is pushing employers harder than ever at the bargaining table. We’re committed to fighting for the increases you need in these inflationary times. Having a strong and united membership is a key part of winning those fights!

President Hesse, Secretary Treasurer Stewart, and others will continue visiting workplaces to make sure Local 401 members know that our union has a long history of coming together to take on difficult fights and win!

Last year, we won the largest wage increase Safeway workers have seen in 30 years. By working together, we can win similar increases at other workplaces!

Let’s make sure we all come together to Stop the Squeeze and make life more affordable for you and your family!