Our Unfair Labour Practice Complaint and Successor Employer Application against Civeo BMC

Dear Members:

Your Union has filed an Unfair Labour Practice complaint as well as a Successor Employer application in regards to your termination of work from Civeo BMC.

We believe your employer, Civeo BMC, has violated your employment rights.

This is now before the Labour Relations Board and they will make a decision whether Civeo had the right to do what they did. The hearings will be scheduled after discussion with the Labour Board and the various lawyers involved.

We will keep you updated as things progress and when we have more information, i.e. hearing dates, etc.

Please provide us with your updated information, like email address, phone number, and address.

This will not be a quick process so you should continue to look for work.

This is a very difficult time in Canada to find good paying jobs, we must continue to hope the price of oil climbs to the $70.00 dollar a barrel area and this will again create jobs in the oil patch.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas O’Halloran


UFCW Local 401