President Hesse and Local 401 push for an outcome on the Wage Reopener process

After more than three months of waiting for an outcome, President Thomas Hesse asked our legal counsel, Harold Caley, to inquire with arbitrator Mia Norrie about the status of her deliberations on the Wage Reopener hearings.

While we understand that there was a good deal of information to review and consider, we also know that our Safeway members are anxiously awaiting the outcome of Ms. Norrie’s deliberations.

Click here to read the letter that our legal counsel sent to Mia Norrie.

In the months that have followed the Wage Reopener hearings in July, inflation and the skyrocketing cost of goods like gas, groceries, and rent have continued to challenge our Safeway members and workers across the country.

We know that any increase in compensation will be welcome news for working families who are struggling under the weight of an unprecedented global affordability crisis.

The Safeway contract language outlined an implementation date of August 6, 2023, which has now come and gone. It is our contention that any increases should be retroactive to that date.

Consequently, the outcome of Ms. Norrie’s deliberations stands to have a significant material impact on the lives of Safeway workers and their families. That is why President Hesse asked Mr. Caley to follow up with Norrie and urge her to come to a conclusion on this matter.

We will keep our Safeway members informed about where things stand on the Wage Reopener process and provide them with any updates we receive as they become available.