Safeway Walking Stewards-Taking Applications Now

We are looking for engaged Safeway members who are interested in representing their fellow members on a full-time basis. Walking Stewards are responsible for internal organizing for the members at Safeway and FreshCo. Their focus included, but is not limited to, visiting Safeway and FreshCo stores, supporting Union members at FreshCo and Safeway stores, dealing with conversion of Safeways to FreshCo stores.

The applicant must understand, and be committed to, union principles and values. Our values, and our work, may require Walking Stewards to engage in community events to increase their cultural fluency and improve their representation of our culturally diverse membership.

If this is an opportunity that sounds exciting to you, check out the requirements of the position and details on how to apply by clicking HERE

Don’t delay! The deadline for applications is July 29, 2022.