Staying the course at Marmot Basin

After months of fighting to have their voices heard, safety operation and ski dispatch workers at Marmot Basin are finally celebrating their push to become members of UFCW Local 401. 

Representing ski hill workers, who often face even more significant squeezes from the affordability crisis due to their locations, will be another first for UFCW Local 401. Our union is always aiming to break into new industries as we continue working to grow our movement and the voice of working Albertans. Last year, we achieved this by having the first video game industry workers in Canada at Keywords Studio join our union.

Our new members at Marmot Basin began exploring forming a union in their workplace at the beginning of 2023. After feeling ignored by their employer, the staff at the ski hill decided to go with Local 401 because they were most impressed with the history of our fighting union and the passion with which we represent all of our members. 

An application for a vote to join UFCW Local 401 was submitted in April of 2023. However, our union was forced to address challenges presented by the Board that held the process up for an extended period of time.  

Local 401 worked with legal counsel to ensure Marmot Basin workers’ voices were heard and respected. 

The strength of these workers cannot be overstated. The Ski Patrol workers held firm and recently had their chance to vote on joining UFCW Local 401 with 100% support. We are now in the process of getting to the bargaining table to negotiate a first contract as our union gears up to engage in aggressive and ambitious bargaining for all of our members in the face of the affordability crisis.

Undoubtedly, discussions will involve the significant squeeze that Marmot Basin workers have felt from the global affordability crisis. As a popular tourist destination, it is often even more challenging to make ends meet in cities like Jasper as the cost of goods, services, and housing are subject to higher levels of inflation than elsewhere.

UFCW Local 401 is committed to pushing employers to Stop the Squeeze on working people by providing meaningful wage increases that will meet our members’ needs and make life more affordable.

With the certification vote complete, UFCW Local 401 will work with our newly unionized Marmot Basin members to finalize the issues to be addressed in negotiations, build a bargaining committee, and start discussions with the Employer about making life better for Ski Patrol workers!