Telephone Town Halls for Safeway Members Re: Company Offer

The Offer of Settlement Explained

Please join us for our upcoming telephone town hall meetings for all Safeway members. We have provided you with all the documents to give you the full picture of what is before you at the upcoming votes in early August. Now it’s time to go through it all to make sure everyone clearly understands exactly what’s in it.

Though we have scheduled three meetings, you only need to “attend” one. However, please feel free to join in on each call if you like. In keeping with our ongoing commitment to transparency and supporting ways to ensure high member participation, we have scheduled multiple meetings at two different times in order to accommodate people’s busy lives.

Please join us next week for one (or all) of our Telephone Town Hall meetings:

  • Wednesday, July 29 at 7 PM
  • Thursday, July 30 at 7 PM
  • Friday, July 31 at 11 AM

We want to make sure that we have your up to date contact information, so if you’re not sure if we have the number you wish to be contacted by, please call 1.800.252.7975 and whoever answers the phone can help you ensure we have the right information for you.

Before each meeting, all you need to do is answer your phone when we call you and you’ll automatically be connected to the town hall. If you miss our call inviting you to join us, you can participate online at:

These meetings will be informative and provide crucial information about the contract offer of settlement. Before you vote, we want to ensure you have all the details so you can mark your ballot with confidence.

Though there will be a chance to ask questions, we expect there will be many. Rest assured, if we don’t get to your question during the call itself, there will be an opportunity at the end to leave a message for us and someone will contact you.

We look forward to having you join us!