The Results Are In – Calgary Safeway members reject CABFM proposal

Hundreds of Calgary Safeway members turned out to information sessions on Sobeys’ CABFM experiment and to cast their ballots on the proposal.

For those not familiar, Sobeys was proposing to turn two Calgary Safeway stores into CABFM (Champions of the Affordable Better Food Movement) stores in an attempt to capture the higher-end grocery market. If accepted, the proposal would have meant renegotiating the contracts for the members at the affected stores.

After counting all of the ballots, the following results emerged:

Retail Members: No – 73%, Yes – 27%

Meat and Deli Members: No – 89%, Yes – 11%

More information will be available in the coming days. In the mean time, members with questions about the vote results should contact their full-time Union Representative.