Time For Change Tour Comes to Calgary!

In mid-May the Canadian Labour Congress’s Time for Change Tour rolled across the country, with a stop in Edmonton.  The event was VERY well attended and the information they provided was excellent and identified many of the most important issues we face in the lead up to the federal election in the fall.

Alberta voters are primed and ready for more change in the upcoming election, having just tossed out the Conservative dynasty in Alberta.  Now it’s Calgary’s turn to come out and hear about and participate in strategies to continue working toward a more representative government in our parliament.

It has become glaringly apparent in recent years, that Canada’s reputation on the world stage has been suffering at the hands of Harper and his Cons. Trampling on basic human rights, attacks on those who seek to protect our environment, exploiting foreign workers, and ignoring Indigenous rights have put us on the wrong side of history in the eyes of the world.

Something has to change.

As we saw in Alberta in recent days, change can and does indeed happen. People get fed up with governments that don’t listen to their concerns and this was highlighted in our recent provincial election with the wholesale change in government and “mass firing” of the PCs and their 44 year dynasty.

Canadians too are reaching their breaking point with their federal government who continues to serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy, while ignoring the growing hardships working families across the nation are experiencing.

Harper’s overreach on matters of security with the Conservative Bill C-51, which tramples our basic rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens, is just the latest offensive against the millions of people he and his party are charged with protecting and representing.  C-51 does little more than gut the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that has guaranteed us rights we’ve held dear for decades since its inception.

It is because of this and much more that the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is once again launching a national campaign to ensure Canadians get a say in what matters to us and what we want changed to level the playing field for working families in this country. Important matters like jobs, retirement security for our aging population, affordable childcare for a growing population, and investment in healthcare are key areas Canadians have demanded be more equitably addressed.

Please visit the CLC’s Better Choice campaign website for more details and sign up for updates on important events that you and your friends and family can participate in during the lead up to the federal election this fall.

Also, join us for the Time For Change Tour in Calgary on Monday, June 22nd.

Stay tuned for more events across the province. As they are announced we will share the information with you. You can check out our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages as well for updates on future events.

Together we made historic change happen in Alberta and the rest of Canada has been watching. The overriding theme of those watching is, “if Alberta can elect a party that represents working families, what’s stopping us?” Taking advantage of opportunities like this CLC campaign will ensure your voice will be heard in the lead up to the next federal election and you can be part of making history happen… again!