Together, we stopped Civeo in their tracks

In December, I wrote Wapasu union members to express my concern and frustration about the unacceptable demands that Civeo is forcing on you. Their callous efforts to gut your wages, benefits, and conditions of employment under the threat of contracting out your jobs, frankly, keeps me up at night.

As you may be aware, your union utilized a comprehensive legal strategy to throw a brick wall up against Civeo’s plans and get them to back off from their outrageous demands.

What did we do?

On December 2, 2022, we filed an application with the Labour Board accusing Civeo of unfair labour practices related to interference, threat of illegal lockout, and alleging that Civeo is what is called a “true employer, common employer and/or successor employer” of Buffalo Catering LP.

Our application was accepted on December 8, 2022. Directions for the posting of the Notice to Employees and Employer at the camp were provided on December 14, 2022.

The Company requested further details and we provided the details they sought relating to the application on January 9, 2023. 

Civeo filed their responses with the Labour Board on Thursday, January 19, 2022.

A resolution conference, which is a form of mediation, is in the process of being scheduled for February or March. A hearing with the Labour Board is likely to happen sometime in April of 2023.  

While we understand that this process probably feels long and drawn out for union members at Wapasu who are still facing disgusting rollbacks, we are confident that this strategy has been effective at halting Civeo’s plans to contract your work out. 

I know that the mood at Wapasu is tense, and for good reason. 

I can assure you that your union is utilizing every resource we can to fight for you and protect your interests.  

Thus far, our strategy has halted your employer’s plans. We know there is anxiety and there is fear, but we also know there is incredible strength. With strength comes solidarity and now more than ever is a time to stick together.  

We are going to be requesting a meeting between the Company and key union representatives to raise your concerns and ensure your voice is heard.

Together, we have successfully thrown a brick wall up against the Company’s inexcusable demands. Our sophisticated legal strategy has successfully paused the rollbacks they have forced on you and stopped them from contracting out your work.

In short, our solidarity has stopped them in their tracks. We need to stick together and keep pushing.

You are the backbone of Civeo and kept things going at the camps by working through the pandemic. We know you feel the mental strain of these terrible economic times. Despite that strain, Civeo has had the nerve to demand ridiculous wage and benefit concessions without any dialogue or discussion.

None of this is acceptable.

We will continue to be your voice and fight to protect your interests against Civeo. I won’t rest until this matter is resolved. In solidarity,

Thomas Hesse
UFCW Local 401