UFCW Local 401 continued negotiation with G4S Security

UFCW Local 401 continued negotiation with G4S Security on March 2nd and 3rd and the two parties agreed to many proposals (addressed below). Unfortunately, UFCW also found that there were a number of issues that G4S negotiators refused to move forward on such as Shop Steward Rights. Shop Stewards are members that enforce the Union Contract, Shop Steward Rights are essential for the smooth implementation of a Union Contract and UFCW is unwilling to diminish their role (much to the unhappiness of the Employer).

The Union was disappointed with the hard line drawn by G4S so UFCW filed for mediation. Filing for mediation means that there is an impartial third party from the government to report whether or not the two parties involved are “bargaining in good faith”. Legally the Union will be unable to hold a strike vote prior to a report from the mediator and barring real progress in the upcoming negotiating dates, a strike vote may be called by the Union.

The negotiations have been progressive but the Committee Members and the Union have grown frustrated. The next set of negotiations are set for March 23, 24 and 25, and hopefully these sets of negotiations will be more fruitful.

There are a number of outstanding issues such as:
• Union Security;
• Job Classification and Pay Premiums;
• Hours of Work and Overtime;
• Callouts, Standby, Weekend Work, Split Shift;
• General Holidays and Vacation Pay;
• Company Contributions;
• Health and Safety;
• Absent from Work;
• Clothing and Tools;
• Transportation and Accommodation;
• Employee Rights.

The Following has been agreed to:
• Grievance Procedure;
• No strike or Lockout;
• Probation;
• Promotion and Vacancies;
• Bereavement Leave;
• Discipline and Employee Records;
• Non-discrimination;
• Seniority;
• Work Expectations;
• Management Rights;
• Court Appearances;
• Lie Detector Issues;
• Workers Compensation.

Because of confidentiality we are unable to go into detail about the above mentioned issues.

If you need any further information, contact Saba Mossagizi at 780-920-3773 or smossagizi@ufcw401.ab.ca.
In Solidarity,