We Had a Great Red Deer Solidarity & Steward Training Event!

On June 17, 2024, Union stewards from Olymel, Aramark, and Rahr Malting convened at the UFCW Local 401Red Deer office for a day of solidarity and steward update training.

Topics covered included:

  • The affordability crisis
  • Notetaking
  • Know your contract grievance procedure
  • Presentation from national representative Jason Parrell on the union organizing process
  • Effective workplace investigations
  • Employment Standards Act vs. Labour Relations Act

The mission of this group of stewards is to ensure the membership receives the representation they so rightly deserve, which is extraordinary representation.

“It was a very fruitful and educative course where current issues affecting shop stewards and members were thoroughly scrutinized. Frankly speaking, all the stewards participated and shared ideas using the participative discussion method introduced by brother Joe Pereira, our Union Labour Relations Officer,”  said Olymel Shop Steward Mohammad Kanu.

Continuous development of stewards’ knowledge and skills is key to building their confidence. It allows them to be effective in holding management accountable for workplace health and safety, and ensuring the membership is protected from unscrupulous members of the management team.

“Empowered union stewards have the authority to influence the workplace environment they desire for themselves and their coworkers, one of respect and dignity,”  said Union Labour Relations Officer Joe Pereira.

In solidarity,

Your Union
UFCW Local 401