What Remembrance Day Means for Workers

A Message from President Thomas Hesse and Secretary Treasurer Richelle Stewart on Remembrance Day


It’s Remembrance Day.

All of us will reflect on this important day in different ways. For some, we will recall a friend or loved one who served, or who is serving. For some, they will recall someone who died or was injured, or forever affected by combat upon their return home. Others will reflect on history itself, or contemplate their personal philosophy about politics and conflict.

However, as you pause and reflect, all of us, and working people in particular, enjoy certain important rights because of the sacrifice of others. Workers and union members stand on the shoulders of the service of all who have acted with bravery in our history.

Please reflect with us today on these important themes and join with us in honouring those who fight and struggle, and who have fought and struggled for justice.

In solidarity,

Tom Hesse,
President, UFCW Local 401

Richelle Stewart,
Secretary Treasurer, UFCW Local 401