Yostina Geleta – Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Yostina Geleta, the winner of the UFCW Local 401 Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship. On April 25, 2018, Union Labour Relations Officer, Joe Attwood, presented the $2,000 scholarship to Yostina, who was accompanied by her very proud mother.

Yostina is a UFCW member working as a cashier at the Coventry Hills Superstore in Calgary. When she graduates from the University of Calgary with her degree in Environmental Science, Yostina would like to pursue a career at the United Nations.

“We are proud to be able to offer these kinds of opportunities to union members and their families,” said Attwood. “And we are especially proud of the subsequent achievements of members like Yostina, especially when they are empowered to pursue their passions. People like Yostina inspire me.”

The Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship is available to eligible members of UFCW Local 401 and their immediate family members who are attending a post-secondary institution. Awards range in value from $500 to $2,000, and up to $25,000 is disbursed annually.

The scholarship is named in honour of Grant Notley, a leader of the New Democratic Party in Alberta, whose political contributions to working people were immense and are widely recognized and respected by Albertans of all political persuasions.

Check out our website for more information on scholarships opportunities available exclusively to UFCW members and their families.