Zegas Group Workers Go Union

Zegas Group Workers Latest to Join UFCW 401

July 6, 2020 – Calgary, AB. It is with great excitement and pride that we welcome workers from Zegas Group Ltd. who recently voted to join UFCW Local 401.

The Zegas Group employees in Calgary and Edmonton, complete maintenance, renovation, janitorial, and security work for 16 different residential apartment buildings. It can be very challenging work.  Many employees provide emergency after hours service for the apartments. Subsequently these employees can end up working long hours.

“There are many nights of getting little sleep to make sure they’re helping their clients,” says UFCW Canada organizer, Jason Parrell

Roughly 35 workers, will now look forward to negotiating their very first union contract with help from UFCW negotiators.

“These workers were really in need of the collective bargaining strength that comes along with joining UFCW Local 401,” Parrell states.

They stood together and voted for a better future. Seeking improvements through collective bargaining regarding employee benefits, conditions of work, and on-call payment.

Their timing could not have been better. With more and more workers turning to their unions for support during these worrisome times of COVID-19, belonging to a worker collective makes a big difference when dealing with a wide array of workplace issues.

Congratulations to all who have voted to belong to a strong union that will fight hard to ensure their rights are represented. It is our honour to get to work with, and walk beside Zegas employees for a brighter future that includes having a voice for safety, security, and a better standard of living.


UFCW Local 401 is Alberta’s largest private-sector union, representing more than 32,000 working Albertans in diverse sectors of the economy, including retail, food processing, healthcare, and education.