Trochu -Vote Yes!

To Keep UFCW Local 401 As Your Union

Vote Yes! Vote SI! BUMOTO ng  YES !

As you may or may not know, on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, the Alberta Labour Relations Board posted two notices.

The first was to advise the Trochu Meats workers that their employer had broken the law with their pre-vote messaging, April 21, 2020. When Trochu Meats had said, “even in the absence of a Union, an employer cannot reduce wages without that being a breach of the employer’s contract of employment (constructive dismissal).” But in fact, they can reduce wages on reasonable notice when there is no collective agreement (union contract) in place.

And the second notice was to inform workers of a NEW VOTE, held by mail-in ballot, this Wednesday, March 10, because of that violation by your employer.

All plant workers have the right to vote except the office, clerical, and sales employees.

If you want to continue working with your union contract and negotiate a new one in January, you must vote YES. 

Voting NO would mean that the employer could and would likely remove any or all of the benefits provided by your union contract. And you could find yourself with only the minimal protections of the Employment Standards Code. 

Under the Employment Standards Code, you would have no protection from unjust dismissal as long as your employer gives you two weeks’ notice, no wage protections, and no negotiated benefits.

In Canada, with a union, you have a strong voice! Don’t give it up.