Gate Gourmet

Our members at Gate Gourmet at the Edmonton International Airport are part of one of the world’s largest airline catering and provisioning providers.

In this fast paced and dynamic workplace our members ensure that all long and short haul flights are supplied with everything necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for passengers on a number of airlines including Air Canada, Air Transit, Sunwing and United. Gate Gourmet Flight kitchen and transportation employees prepare both hot and cold meals for pre-flight assembly, loading aircraft trolleys with all beverages, snacks, duty free items and all other provisions needed on board for travellers and flight attendants. They deliver, load and unload directly to the aircraft on high-loader trucks at busy gates with critical turn-around times to ensure flight departs on time.

All products are handled within specifications to ensure food safety, sanitation, and sterilization with all domestic and international refuse being recycled, sorted and disposed according to regulations to ensure the safety of all airline customers and personnel.