Aleesha Amjad – Scholarship

Congratulations to Aleesha for winning on of UFCW’s many scholarships! We had a chance to ask her what this will mean to her as she moves closer to her future goals.

“The Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarship is important in that it will allow me to take the necessary education needed for my four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts. I’ve had this plan my whole life; to become an artist. University is a fundamental asset for me to get myself a career in the arts that will let me live to my fullest potential while expressing myself and connecting with others.

“Being in university has taught me so much already and I’m only in my second year. Receiving this fund is very important and special to me and I’m ecstatic to continue my work in university to achieve my goals.

“I’ve worked at Superstore for a little over a year & a half and it’s helped me plenty with being more confident and social with new people, too. Overall, this scholarship will lighten the financial burden of university tuition on my part and allow me to become one step closer to my dream career as well.

“I’m extremely grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of this scholarship and I send my thanks to UFCW Canada for this amazing opportunity!”

We wish you all the very best, Aleesha, and thank you for your application and showing others how important it is to pursue the many scholarships UFCW has to offer.

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