Dhruva Patel – Scholarship

Dhruva recently won one of our Robert McWilliams Memorial Scholarships and was eligible to apply because she is the daughter of a UFCW 401 member!

Attending the University of British Columbia, Dhruva is working on finishing her Bachelor of Science degree. She is busy not only with her studies, but also with keeping active in various school clubs and seeking internships and co-op work programs while she’s in school.

“After graduation I want to get a job in my area of study,” she tells us. “During this time I would also like to travel and work for a bit before pursing more education – perhaps a masters or doctorate.”

Dhruva also tells us that she is very passionate about science and plans to make significant contributions in that field.

We are very excited for your future exploits and adventures. All the best and thank you for your application to our Robert McWilliams scholarship!

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