Amy Roshco and Lillian Reiter – Retirement

We are sending our heartfelt wishes for wonderful retirements to both Amy and Lillian, who came to the union office to pick up their retirement gifts together recently.

Amy worked at Safeway for 33 years, starting out as a courtesy clerk and then moving over to cashier.

She was also active on the UFCW 401 Women’s Committee and was the Health & Safety Rep for her store.

When asked what she’ll be doing to keep busy, she tells us she’ll be spending more time with her grandchildren, as well as time with friends over coffee and lunches. She also plans to spoil her family with lots of baking and making perogies! And for good measure, she isn’t shy about saying she looks forward to sleeping in.

Lillian worked at Safeway for 25 years and says she’s so happy to have met many great people there, both co-workers and customers and will miss seeing them on a daily basis.  

“I worked as a courtesy clerk for 10 years and then in the Bakery,” she tells us. “And now I look forward to spending more time with family and friends in my retirement.”

Thank you, both, for your hard work and dedication to your jobs and your communities. Congratulations and enjoy your well-earned retirements.

Amy (L) and Lillian (C) are presented with their retirement gifts from UFCW admin and former coworker Arlene

Amy (L) and Lillian (C) are presented with their retirement gifts from UFCW admin, and former coworker, Arlene

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