Greg Mahoney – Retirement

Former UFCW Shop Steward Greg started in 1975 at Woodwards and became a Safeway employee when they took over the food side of the business.

“Back then, the store I was at wasn’t unionized yet and I remember signing a union card for 2 bucks!,” he recalls fondly. “I’ve always been a union person.”

Greg became a Steward after the 1997 Safeway strike. His Union Rep at the time, Bruce Dean, helped him file a grievance to get 10 years of his seniority back and that got him thinking about helping others.

Greg was active on the Health & Safety committee for a short time. He did some organizing for the Local, took many courses over the years, and received his Steward Recognition Certificate as well.

He also intervened when the company tried to terminate an entire department and stepped in to prevent that from occurring.

“It was gratifying for me to know I was able to help those members,” he remembers.

Now that he’ll have some time to focus on him and his loved ones, he plans to travel more, once it’s safe to do so. This will include visiting family in the US. He also enjoys cycling and getting out on the city trails. But most excitingly, he is anxious to welcome his first grandchild in the summer!

Congratulations, Greg. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years. Your contributions are appreciated by all who knew you and those you helped. Take care and enjoy!

Greg pops into the union office to pick up his retirement watch

Greg pops into the union office to pick up his retirement watch

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