Clare Knutson – Retirement

Having started in 1975 at Safeway’s grocery warehouse, Clare worked as an assembler for several years before moving into the maintenance department as a mechanic.  In his time with Safeway he acquired a provincial certificate as a building operator, and also took other courses that focused around welding and electrical skills.  Having also completed a certificate in equipment maintenance, Clare was a busy guy during his time at Safeway’s Edmonton warehousing operations.

Additionally, he also served as a Shop Steward for his fellow coworkers for the last 8 years  and assisted in a variety of workplace issues and investigations.

Since Clare’s retirement became official in September 2015, he has been focusing on spending time keeping busy with slow pitch, ice skating, RV camping, and travelling to other provinces and into the U.S. in search of warmer climates.

We wish you all the very best on your long and healthy retirement, Clare.  And thank you for your years of dedication and service to your fellow UFCW members as Steward.  You will be missed by all.

Clare Knutson

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