Faazil Samut – Scholarship

Faazil is the son of one of our wonderful UFCW local 401 members. He is also the most recent winner of one of our many scholarships. Faazil’s father has participated in many union activities over the more than 25 years he has worked at Lilydale hatchery. And it sounds like his son is eager to be a very active person himself.

A third year design student at George Brown College, he is finishing up his studies in graphic design, majoring in brand identity and communication. He is currently pursuing an advanced diploma in graphic design and an advanced certificate in user experience design, with plans to pursue further education post graduation to further enhance his craft and connections to the design world in Toronto.

“I plan to do a post graduate course in user experience design after graduating my current programs with hopes to land a job at either google or Microsoft, he tells us.”

Congratulations to you, Faazil, on winning your scholarship. We are thrilled for the adventures ahead of you and wish you all the very best.

Faazil pops by the union office to pick up his scholarship award

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