Gary Chou – Retirement

To look at Gary you would likely be surprised to learn that he is retirement age, 65.

About 12 years ago Gary says he was in poor health due to a sedentary lifestyle.  He decided that it was time to take control of his health and began getting active in a variety of ways, like playing sports, running, and practicing yoga.

Gary worked at Canada Packers for 12 years as a meat cutter and then Lucerne Commissary in food prep for the last 25 years.  He was a proud UFCW member for 37 years and even walked the Canada Packers picket line back in 1984!

Gary plans to spend the next 6 weeks traveling around Europe to 11 different countries.  We have no doubt when he returns from his trip that his dedication to a healthily lifestyle of physical activity will continue well into his retirement with activities like yoga, swimming, and playing sports men and women half his age don’t have the energy for.

Congratulations on your retirement, Gary!  We wish you a long, happy, and healthy retirement.

Gary Chou (right) accepts his ring from his rep Dave and Secretary Treasurer Theresa

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