Navdeep Badhan – Scholarship

The son of Balvir, a 17 year UFCW 401 member, Navdeep recently won one of our Grant Notley Memorial Scholarships.

Navdeep is currently attending the University of Alberta and aiming to finish a Bachelor of Science in Bio Chemistry Honours in 2026, with a heavy focus on interdisciplinary research on his honours project during the summer. Along the way he is also pursuing a wide variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from debate coaching and high school model United Nations, to badminton and trivia.

After finishing his undergraduate, he will be pursuing higher education in the field of medicine and research.

“Science is something that he’s fascinated me through high school and continues to do so in my BSc, and will always be my passion in my future professional program,” Navdeep tells us. “Research is an important component that I wish to integrate into my further education plans, and in a way, the lab is a place where I have grown to learn so much about applying science in a real world setting.”

Not one to limit himself, Navdeep is also part of the executive team for many clubs, such as the Biochemistry Students’ Association, Toastmasters Club, and the U of A Quizbowl. He says these extracurricular activities have given him a sense of belonging at the university as a first year student, and loves to see the familiar faces on campus every day since he started in September 2022.

“I would like to take the time to express my strongest gratitude to my parents for their continuous support in my endeavours every step of the way,” he says. “Thank you to UFCW Local 401 for supporting students and families during times of extreme difficultly, financially and otherwise! It means a lot to me when I see the dedication and commitment of a community that has been protecting my family for the past 17 years.”

Thank you for your kind words, Navdeep. And we wish you all the success in the world in your grand future endeavors. Congratulations on your well earned scholarship win!

Navdeep receives his scholarship cheque

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