Radhe Patel – Scholarship

Having recently graduated from high school, Radhe Patel began his studies at the University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Science program in Engineering.

“Engineering is a very demanding field, especially in the first year, when everyone is still figuring out what they wish to specialize in; thus, it is essential to do well academically and maintain a good school-life balance,” Radhe shares. “Therefore, I manage my time to make time for hobbies such as playing badminton, basketball, or soccer and give back to my community by volunteering with organizations such as TeamUp Science.”

Being Indo-Canadian, he tells us that he loves participating in all festivities, such as Diwali or Holi.

“When thinking about the future, I envision myself being a part of a Co-op Computer Engineering program and working in the field I worked so hard for,” he continues. “Computer engineering is a growing field, and being part of the co-op program gives me the ability to use the skills and knowledge I would have gained along the way.”

We are thrilled that you are getting off to a great start by applying for our scholarship, Radhe. Programs like the one you are pursuing take time and money and we send our congratulations to you and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Radhe (pictured right with his father) drops into the union office to pick up his cheque

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