Venus De Guzman – Scholarship

Superstore worker and UFCW 401 member Venus recently applied for, and won, one of our many scholarships to assist with the cost of her scholastic pursuits.

Venus is enrolled in NAIT, working on a Digital Media and IT diploma with a concentration in Visual Communications. An imaginative person, she tells us that she loves to try random experiments and is currently trying to grow a zucchini plant indoors throughout the winter.

Though she plans on working in her field once she obtains her degree, her sights are set on starting her own business down the road.

“After being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I’ve come to realize that the definition of accessibility that the world seems to follow isn’t as far reaching as it should be, taking away many opportunities from groups of people that are otherwise capable,” she shares. “I hope to build a business using my background in visual communications and anthropology to create designs and products (both physical and digital) that are functional for people like me.”

Venus views her eventual graduation from NAIT as a stepping stone in expanding her knowledge in technological and marketing skills in order to increase the visibility and accessibility of things she designs.

We love your vision, Venus, and we are so happy to be able to play a small supporting role in helping you in achieving your lofty goals to help so many other people. Congratulations!

Venus is presented with her scholarship cheque from Union Rep Shauna

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