Shirley Staples – Retirement

Shirley is one of our long-term members who finds herself entering retirement after 38 years as a UFCW 401 member at Canada Safeway. Having started out as a cashier, Shirley moved over to the grocery department where she remained for most of her career.

Shirley looks forward to moving back to her home town in Ontario and is eager to catch up with friends and family.  As well, in her spare time she is eager to kickback with some reading.

Her former co-worker and current Union Representative Cheryl Watamaniuk, though happy for Shirley’s retirement, is extremely sad to see her go. “Shirley is such a rare gem and was always there for her co-workers, myself included, whenever they needed her and took many people under her wing over her years at Safeway” Cheryl said.

Shirley, we wish you all the best in your long and happy retirement. Congratulations!

Shirley posing with her new UFCW 401 retirement ring

Shirley posing with her new UFCW 401 retirement ring

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