Kaybob your input is needed!

Please find attached a survey that will be critical to what becomes your new Union Contract.

Please make sure that you answer all the questions that are applicable to you. Take your time and let us know exactly what your thoughts are – this is your future Union Contract and we need to know your thoughts and wishes for what we propose to your employer. The survey will flesh out what the really important issues are for Kaybob employees. It consists of several questions involving both monetary and non-monetary issues. Once we receive the results, we will condense the information and distribute this to your negotiation committee.

A proposal meeting will also be held. This will be a face-to-face meeting for you and your coworkers and you will have the opportunity to come out and be heard by union officials at this meeting. This proposal meeting is helpful because we can talk and have real dialogue about matters that are important to you. This meeting will give us a better understanding of what is needed in your workplace.

UFCW 401 officials will be at Kaybob Lodge on September 11th to hear from you! This meeting will be a chance for employees to voice their opinion with their union and speak to Union Representatives directly. Should you have any questions, a proposal meeting is a great place to ask them.

Then it will be time to form your negotiation committee. A negotiating committee is comprised of a several individuals that work for Kaybob and who are your fellow union members. They will sit in on the negotiations process and provide guidance and context to union negotiators on the many complex workplace issues requiring attention. The negotiating committee is also responsible for keeping in contact with their coworkers about what is happening during the entire process, providing context and details as needed. This worker committee is critical to the negotiations process. In the online survey, you will have the ability to apply for an opportunity to be on the negotiating committee and represent your coworkers. Selections will be made from those who apply.

The employer will also have their own negotiating committee. It is typically made up of a mix of “decision makers” and frontline management. The parties meet to discuss the issues and an exchange of ideas occurs.

The negotiating process can be complex and involve long hours. All applicants must be prepared to go the distance along side union negotiators and representatives and their fellow committee members. The union and the company exchange proposals for the new union contract and discuss terms they wish to reach.
Ultimately, all members of the union will have a chance to vote on any terms that are presented by the employer as an “offer of settlement”, otherwise known as a “memorandum of agreement”. Unions are democratic organizations and an offer of settlement from the employer must be voted on by a majority of the membership for acceptance before it becomes your new Union Contract.

However, this whole process begins with a survey, so please take your time and fill one out. Or you can come out to the proposal meeting. Either way, you must let us know what you want if you want to see change happen.

Please download the survey, fill it out, scan it and email it to smossagizi@ufcw401.ab.ca. If you do not have access to a printer please contact Saba Mossagizi at 780-920-3773. We hope to hear from you soon!

You can download the survey here:

Kaybob Employee Survey