Superstore Update: Your Negotiations Team, A Real Connection To You

UFCW Local 401 will be doing its utmost to push for clarity and safety on the issues that are critical for our members throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

We are pushing forward with negotiations with Loblaw. And with current technology, there is no reason for us not to be able to use alternatives to in-person negotiations during these circumstances.

So, to accelerate our momentum, Local 401 is now privileged to be able to announce the selected Superstore Negotiating Team for the expected negotiations.

Pulled from over 400 UFCW members working in Superstores across the province who sent their application, these members will closely guide the negotiation process.

As described previously, we are employing “rotating bargaining.” Rotating bargaining ensures a more diverse representation of the issues affecting you. This way, more members can share in providing the best cross-section of representation from the broadest mixture of departments, provincial regions, and store locations. To facilitate this Negotiation Team member attendance will, when needed, alternate between Red and Blue teams which will be attending negotiations at these times and locations. However, when bargaining is in either Edmonton or Calgary both Red and Blue teams for that city will attend bargaining sessions.

deployment of red and blue teams  

Check out this short video for more details on our bargaining approach. 

“The committee is selected to serve their fellow workers,” remarked Local 401’s Executive Director Chris O’Halloran “they are there to form a real connection between what happens at the negotiations table and the feelings of Superstore members.” 

These members are: 

Superstore Negotiations Team 2020


*** The locations noted above have vacancies for the Negotiations Team. If you are from one of these locationand are interested in representing your co-workers during negotiationsplease contact either:   

  • Sam Nuako, Union Labour Relations Officers –
    780.452.0362 Ext. 1318
    ‬ or email
  • Jeff Ible, Union Labour Relations Officers –
    403.291.1047 Ext. 1117‬ or email

As negotiations progress be sure to check back often to the 

Superstore Negotiations Update page 

for up-to-date information about our bargaining campaign. 

For a printable version of this update click here.