Superstore Negotiations

We’ve been planning and preparing for negotiations with Loblaw for a new union contract for Real Canadian Superstore Employees. Check back here regularly for up-to-date information on our bargaining campaign.


Here is a listing of information and updates we’ve shared with Superstore union members related to negotiations with Loblaws in Alberta.

2021-10-17 – Strike Or Settle at Superstore?
Loblaws advanced a final offer for a new union contract covering Superstore union members across the province. As we digest and analyze the offer, it is clear that it represents a substantial and significant improvement from the offer on the table before your 97% strike vote was taken. Superstore union members are faced with a choice: do you strike, or do you settle?

2021-09-30Bargaining Continues… Will there be a Strike or Settlement?
Union negotiations moved slowly this week. The government-appointed mediator went back and forth repeatedly between the Local 401 Bargaining Committee and Superstore management. We made some small progress, but ultimately accomplished little on key strike issues relating to wages, benefits, and representational rights.

2021-09-08 – What Is Superstore Offering?
As we prepare to hold strike votes across the province, your union and Bargaining Committee want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. A key part of making that decision is knowing what the Company’s last offer was.

2021-09-07 – What You Need To Know About A Strike Vote
After more than a year of face-to-face negotiations with Superstore, the Company continues to offer little in the way of a fair deal for its hard-working Superstore employees in Alberta. In fact, the Company is still seeking concessions that would worsen things for Alberta Superstore union members.

2021-09-01 – We Have Applied For Strike Votes
UFCW 401 has applied to the Alberta Labour Relations Board to hold strike votes for Superstore members from September 21 to 24, 2021. 

2021-08-11 – It’s Time to Prepare…
Your Union Negotiating Committee will be visiting workplaces across Alberta this week to survey members on the possibility of a strike vote.

2021-08-06 – Strike Votes Coming!
With the company refusing to address the critical issues of Wages, Benefits and Hours, it is difficult to see how Loblaw will avoid a strike at Superstore. 

2021-07-27 – Superstore Drags Out Bargaining
We met with the employer last week. The employer started the week by tabling several new concessions attacking the premiums and benefits the membership deserves. Unfortunately, there was very little progress made. 

2021-07-14 – Superstore Negotiations: Company Looks to Cut Hours
UFCW 401 will be back at the negotiating table with Superstore again next week, from July 19 to 23. We will be joined by mediator Mia Norrie (you can learn more about Mia by clicking here).

2021-06-28 Union Applies for Mediation
UFCW 401’s Superstore Negotiating Committee has decided to apply for mediation. Since Superstore is unwilling to address the basic concerns of UFCW 401 members and refuses to renew the rights and privileges that members currently enjoy, it is clear the company is not interested in improving the economic wellbeing of Superstore employees.  

2021-06-09New Victories for Faith Observance and First Nations Day!
As the UFCW 401 membership continues to diversify, becoming a more inclusive organization is a priority that we are committed to, including through collective bargaining. These two Letters of Understanding are a positive step forward in updating and modernizing the Superstore Union Contract.

2021-05-25Quiet Rooms Now a Reality at Superstore
Your Bargaining Committee has now successfully negotiated for the creation of Quiet Rooms for members. The employer has agreed and it is now set to become a reality! 

2021-05-2030 New Full-time Positions Are On Their Way
Your union is always committed to the pursuit of ensuring your collective agreement rights are protected and enforced. We love sharing good news, and this update is one of those!

2021-05-15What is a Benefit Trust?
All your questions are answered in this informative short video

2021-05-12Patience Leads to Improvements on Leaves & Domestic Violence Protections
Erin tells us all about the groundbreaking domestic violence protections Superstore workers have secured.

2021-05-07Gains Made But Frustration Builds
Union negotiating committee members grow frustrated with Superstore’s refusal, amid record profits due to COVID, to reinstate hazard/pandemic pay. However, progress is made on improved union representation rights.

2021-05-03Back at the Table After Making Progress
After much pushing, your union bargaining committee makes headway on major scheduling issues.

2021-04-30Superstore Negotiations – What’s Next?
Check out what’s next to be discussed in negotiations next week!

2021-04-22Patience is Key
Heading into the last week of negotiations, the union was waiting for the company to respond to 18 scheduling proposals. We are happy to report that progress was finally made! 

2021-03-17Your Next Netflix?
COVID-19 has prompted many of us to indulge in some great entertainment binge watching. Why not add Superstore negotiations to your list? Join us and see what happens next! 

2021-01-21Superstore Talks Turn to Scheduling
Your Bargaining Committee is happy to report that we have made some progress on scheduling. But we know there is more work to be done. 

2021-01-08Gains at the Bargaining Table, But Frustration in the Stores
In this week’s negotiations, your Bargaining Committee was successful in achieving agreement on important issues around health and safety, as well as language around union rights. And while we are happy to see this progress in negotiations; we know that there are substantial frustrations in the stores.  

2020-11-12It’s Time to Bring Back Pandemic Pay!
Loblaws has seen record sales figures rolling in over the course of the pandemic. And while the Company initially implemented pandemic pay to recognize the extraordinary risks their workers had taken contributing to those sales, they were also the first to revoke the premiums.

2020-10-09Keep Vendor Stocking in Line at Superstore
One of the significant issues that we need to tackle in negotiations is vendor stocking in stores. Vendor stocking has been a point of contention for Superstore union members for some time.

2020-08-21Staying Focussed
After a harsh start to the week, we stayed focussed and made some good ground in negotiations this week.

2020-07-24Good Progress, But Let’s Keep Pushing!
Our Superstore Bargaining Committee met with Loblaw again this week and was able to secure a number of meaningful victories. We need to stay engaged and continue pushing.

2020-07-01 – Bargaining Update From Our First Meeting
Superstore bargaining committee members discuss our initial meeting with Loblaw as we get set to bargain a new contract for Alberta Superstore employees.

2020-05-07Superstore Negotiations Update: 1st Meeting With Loblaw Next Week
In this update, we talk about how your Superstore negotiations team has met the challenge of bargaining during the current unique circumstances. Further, we ask you to check out our latest video explaining union proposals.

2020-04-15Superstore Negotiations Update – Bargaining Training Begins
With a well-prepared Negotiating Team, we will negotiate hard and push Loblaw to improve the working condition at Superstore. We plan to negotiate through the summer and get Loblaw to agree to a new contract as soon as possible.

2020-04-08Your Negotiations Team, A Real Connection to You
We introduce to you your Negotiations Team! There to form a real connection between what happens at the negotiations table and the feelings of Superstore members.

2020-04-01A Negotiating Team That Represents You
We discuss how negotiations can proceed during COVID-19 and we introduce our proposed bargaining dates.

2020-03-26 About to Get Started!
Dates are being scheduled to meet with your employer to begin working toward achieving improvements to your union contract. We will be engaging in “open bargaining”. The concept of open bargaining and a rotating negotiations team is introduced in the accompanying video.

2020-03-18Fighting This Together!
We discuss the implications of the COVID-19 crisis and what impact it will have on Superstore negotiations.

2019-11-21Your Superstore Negotiations
The announcement that preparation for negotiations has begun and a request for our Superstore members to make sure their contact information is up to date.

2019-03-29Notice of Proposal Meetings
We provide a notice to all Alberta Superstore employees of upcoming proposal meetings, where we will discuss what we want to change about our union contract at Superstore.