Thomas Zima – Scholarship

As the oldest son of our very own Union Rep extraordinaire, Larry Zima, Thomas is no stranger to participating in social justice movements.  Having spent many days of his formative youth at various demonstrations, marches, rallies, and even picket lines, Thomas no doubt was easily able to apply what he knows about unions and their importance to his essay, The Pros & Cons of 401 Strikes, which ultimately won him his Grant Notley Memorial Scholarship.

Thomas plans to complete a diploma in Theatre Performance & Creation at Red Deer College.  He will then move on to a career in the performing arts, with plans to start out with theatre companies in Alberta, then move to pursuing roles at various theatres across the country.

When asked what he’d like to say to people about winning this scholarship, Thomas said simply, “I appreciate all that UFCW has done for me.”

Thomas, we are thrilled to be able to provide this scholarship opportunity and we anxiously await the rave reviews you’ll be getting as you pursue your passion in the theatre.


Thomas shows off his amazing fashion sense and we're confident that he will go far in the theartre with his flair for the fabulous!

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