Buffalo: Progress, but lots left to do

Civeo Bargaining Update March 10, 2021

We finally met with the company last week after delays on their side; the bargaining committee was able to make some progress. 

  • We were able to get an agreement on improved recall and re-employment rights
  • Civeo has heard our concern regarding the workloads given to the janitor. Therefore, they have agreed to stop using janitors for lockout; these tasks are now to be performed by management.

We were able to make headway on cost relief for the members on benefits. We have not finalized this process yet, but we anticipate delivering a 15% members’ savings to their benefits-cost. A 15% savings would represent a $0.53 an hour gain for Civeo members. If we successfully finalize this process, your benefits administrator would change, but your coverage will stay the same. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the company to agree to the key gains you have identified for us:

  1. 10-hour guarantee
  2. Wage increase
  3. Time and a half on Saturday
  4. Double-time on Sunday
  5. A boost to your travel allowance
  6. And the elimination of the two-tier pay system

Linked below are the union’s proposal on these topics. We have proposed a substantial wage increase and an increase in your travel allowance. We are hopeful of getting an offer from the company on all of these factors in mediation.

For more information on what the mediation process is, check out our educational video.

We have committed to the membership to get an offer from the company for you to decide on before taking a strike vote. We have applied for mediation and will present the companies best offer to you for consideration.

Thank you to the membership. You delivered a strong message with our strike vote survey. We have communicated your 97% willingness to go on strike if you do not receive a fair offer from the company. We are hopeful that they will heed your warning and present an acceptable proposal; if they do not, we have a 100-million-dollar strike fund waiting for this fight.

In solidarity

Your Negotiating Committee

Proposal 5.1 Job Classifications and Pay Scale

Proposal 6.1 Hours of Work

Proposal 7-1 Overtime, Callout, and Sunday Work